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Michael P. Smith

Michael P. Smith

Mike earned his law degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2013, after taking his bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from Saint Vincent College in 2010. Mike worked for the Indiana law firm of Bonya Gazza & DeGory from 2013 to 2021. There, he focused primarily on oil and gas title work, but represented both sides in landlord-tenant disputes, and represented small business is formation, debt collection and other matters.  In 2021, Mike moved to Kayden and Vaporis to focus more closely on criminal defense and civil litigation. Mike’s primary interest in the law lay in helping individuals navigate the complex and often overwhelming legal system. In addition to private practice, Mike is an Assistant Public Defender for Indiana County, a position he has held since March 2020. He also worked for several years as a pro bono attorney for victims of domestic abuse seeking to obtain Protection From Abuse orders.